Artist in Residence

Farley Cameron is a contemporary artist based on the Sunshine Coast.

Originally studying Textile Design in Melbourne, Farley moved back to the Sunshine Coast and created the business, Farley Design, printing textiles and specialising in silk and natural fibres.

Farley holds a degree in Computer Art and Design from the University of the Sunshine Coast and worked as a graphic designer.

Farley is represented by Art Nuvo, Buderim who will host an exhibition of Farley’s work in June this year. Her painting, ‘Plenty’, won the painting section of the Immanuel Arts Festival 2017.




Her current artworks are created using a polychromatic printing process that involves painting water based dyes onto a screen, then printing the image onto the paper. This process allows for one print only therefor each painting is an original ‘one off’ artwork.

Painting is a natural progression embraced by Farley, a medium where she enjoys “a deeper sense of expression”. She says her aim is to capture the essence of nature and the atmosphere we feel when we are immersed in its beauty.

Farley takes inspiration from the rhythm of the natural world, which ignites her imagination with its endless choice of line, form, texture and colour. Her recognition of repeating patterns in nature stems from her training as a textile artist and graphic designer and her art reflects techniques developed from many years of creative work in these fields.