ROB JAMES - Gallery Consultant


Rob James returns this year as our 'chief hangman'.


Rob had been Gallery Manager for 12 years, but in 2016 a desire to travel meant his voluntary role was put on hold for a few years.


Now he's back, delighted to once again play an essential role in the annual Immanuel Lutheran College Arts Festival.


Rob has over 12 years experience hanging pictures in homes across the Sunshine Coast, and is the name behind the business 'Right Hook'. Prior to moving to the Coast he was the director of his own exhibiting gallery in Melbourne. He brings his extensive experience of sorting and hanging eclectic collections of art to the sometimes-difficult role of hanging over 300 pieces in a cohesive and pleasing manner.


Of course in this, he is ably assisted by a troupe of keen volunteers, and Rob thinks that if every school in Australia had a body of volunteers like Immanuel does, the country would be much better off.


I think you will agree the exhibition is a great showcase of the many talented and keen artists we have.