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2020 Artists


Chris is a self-taught artist best known for his vibrant pastels and oils. Chris came to Australia in his mid-teens. His wish as a school student was to be an art teacher, however he found his freedom as a lone migrant in outback Queensland. His love for art was initially expressed through drawing. Chris’s philosophy always was that a good drawing is the backbone of good art.

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Justin Bruhn

Award winning artist, photographer and conservationist, Justin Bruhn has over 10 years of expertise in underwater photography.

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Odessa Mahony de Vries

Odessa Mahony-de Vries has a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) Degree from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, 2018. Her artistic practice focuses heavily on abstract expressionism, where she uses a wide range of mixed media on large scale canvases.

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Student Artist in Focus

Libby Evans

Award winning artist, wearable artist and aspiring fashion designer, 15 year old Libby Evans was born in London UK and moved to the Sunshine Coast QLD in 2010.

Libby’s love of fashion and styling was apparent from an early age, initially expressed through costumes and sketches. Her limited sewing skills inspired her to challenge herself to create wearable art pieces by upcycling modern, tough, sturdy discarded items to create delicate, detailed and classic feminine pieces strongly influenced by the timeless elegance of bygone eras.

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Our list of 2020 Exhibiting Artists