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2022 Artist in Focus – Brett McIntosh

Brett McIntosh is a multi-award winning landscape photography artist from the Sunshine Coast. His specialty and passion is capturing stunning photographic landscape scenes and reproducing them into quality, high impact works of art which he has been doing so for more than a decade.

Brett’s connection and respect for the beauty of nature has become the driving force to immerse himself in the moment and capture that stunning scene that is then transformed into a captivating physical artwork to be enjoyed. His photography and post processing styles are well renowned for its sharpness and vibrance, incorporating a punchy style that jumps right out at the viewer, transporting them into a dreamy scene that bursts with life and imagination.

Throughout the years, Brett has been fortunate to create his own workshop space, where he evolves his signature products using high quality materials, modern techniques and processes that are carefully monitored to ensure his works maintain the highest standard in quality and a crisp life-like definition. When capturing his scenes, he may use different filters as well as photography techniques such as HDR, long exposure and slow shutter techniques to maximise interest in a scene. Timing and persistence, and composition are key elements in Brett’s landscape photography, sometimes visiting a location several times to get the best possible light or weather conditions to walk away with a successful shot.

Brett is proud to present an extensive range of amazing landscape scenes capturing the very essence of the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas, celebrating its diverse beauty of coastline seascapes, hinterland mountains and luscious rainforests.