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2023 Artist in Focus – Teresa Mundt


Teresa Mundt is a Buderim-based artist specialising in abstract acrylic artwork, mixed media artwork, and kiln-fired vitreous enamel jewellery.

Teresa has always been inspired by primitive art of ancient cultures and contemporary Indigenous Australian art. For Teresa, art is, at its core, an exploration of colour and form. Currently her abstract practice involves the repetition of simple organic shapes and the use of graduated colour schemes, the result of which has the power to instill a sense of calm and serenity in the viewer.

“I’ve always been mesmerised by the unassuming beauty of the colour wheel. Often times I retreat to the studio not to paint, but just to blend colours together, adding a bit of this, a bit of that – what would happen if I put a drop of warm red in there, instead of cool? It’s a bit like cooking without a recipe. There is an enchanting alchemy to colour mixing and there is great satisfaction in its delicious results.”

Teresa strongly believes that colour is a simple but powerful psychological device. It can make us feel; it forces a reaction. Colours excite, energise, invigorate, soothe, restore, and inspire.

Teresa’s kiln-fired enamel jewellery is designed with similar objectives in mind. “Jewellery is art for our bodies. The wonderful thing about it, unlike the art we hang on our walls, is that we can adorn ourselves with it and exhibit it for all the world to see. It changes with our mood. Jewellery is an art form that helps us to tell the world who we are.

Teresa runs regular workshops in kiln-fired enamel jewellery making at her home studio in Buderim, and at Stephens Street Gallery, Yandina.