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2023 Artist in Residence – Beatrice Prost

Beatrice PROST 

French born Australian artist, Beatrice is creating from her studio tucked in Noosa hinterland. Following a successful engineering career as a geophysicist in an international corporation, she decided to release her inner creative voice and call Australia home. Starting a decade ago, she developed her own unique processes to obtain her personal organic aesthetics of fluidity and substance.

Beatrice paints large abstracted views inspired by our Planet seen from above or immersed under the water. She captures the essence of life and topographies in a non representational way. Her latest body of works brings us close and personal to the diversity of life forms in our oceans. We become hypnotised by the pattern repetition and details that Beatrice paints in white all over her large canvasses or patiently hand carves on her aluminium unique designed pieces. Her extensive use of dots, lines and geometric patterns harness the organic powers of natural life.

Beatrice explains “I aim to create surfaces that capture the essence of the reefs and coral forms and doing this in the bigger picture the essence of primeval life force itself”. Indeed, after the first aesthetic effect, we get transported to a more intangible dreamlike world, the one close to spirituality.

Beatrice has won several local art prizes and every year participates in Noosa Open Studios. She is showing her works annually in self curated solo exhibitions as well as selected group shows.

instagram #beatriceprost