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Open Category Conditions of Entry


Entries are now invited for the 2022 Immanuel Arts Festival to be held at Immanuel Lutheran College from 19 to 22 May 2022.

The Festival is now in its 41st year and promotes visual, creative and performance art within the Sunshine Coast community. The format for the 2022 Immanuel Arts Festival will be as follows:
• An exhibition and sale of paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, photography, wearable and creative arts will be
   held at Immanuel Lutheran College, A. J. Jericho Stadium, Wises Road, Buderim
• The Festival will open with the Opening Night on Thursday 19 May, including announcement of awards. Artists
    can purchase tickets to the Opening Night at the discounted price of $35.00 per person (general entry tickets
     are $45.00 per person). The Exhibition will be open to the public from Friday 20 May to Sunday 22 May 2022.
     General entry is $5.00 per person and children are free.
• The Artist in Focus is Brett McIntosh and the two Artists in Residence will be Ted Moran and Olga Garner-Morris.
    This year the Student Artist in Focus is Zoe Kamarinos.
• All entries must be available for sale, with 30% commission being paid to Immanuel Lutheran College.

1) Read the Conditions of Entry. Please note this year we have had a large change to the Categories and prizes
     from previous years.
2) Complete the online entry form at https://www.immanuelartsfestival.com.au/entries/
3) Pay entry fee online via credit card (preferred method) OR via direct deposit using your full name as the
     reference as shown on the entry form.

Further information on the Festival is available at www.immanuelartsfestival.com.au.

The completed Entry Form and paid Entry Fee are to be submitted online by COB Tuesday 19 April 2022.

No changes to your entry will be accepted after 10.00am on Friday 6 May 2022.

We look forward to your involvement in the 2022 Immanuel Arts Festival.

Submission of an Entry Form and entry fee is acknowledgement that provided information is correct, entry/entries are the artist’s original work and bona fide property, and the artist agrees to abide by the Conditions of Entry of the Immanuel Arts Festival.

All works must be the exhibiting artist’s original and unaided work, not previously entered into the Festival, completed within the last 12 months, and must be the property of the artist.

Please contact the Convenor at artsfestival@immanuel.qld.edu.au if you are unsure as to the eligibility of your work.
People’s Choice Award
Festival visitors will be invited to vote for their favourite piece of the Festival. The People’s Choice Award will be announced on Sunday 22 May 2022 at approximately 1.30pm.

Artists may enter up to three paintings in this category. To win in the Oil, Acrylic, Watercolour and Pastel sections the painting must only use that specific medium. In the Mixed Media section, any combination of paints, found objects, resin etc may be used. Artists can enter each of their paintings in different sections if they desire.
Diptych and triptychs will be regarded as two and three pieces, respectively. The Painting category will be judged on uniqueness/originality, professional quality (neatness and craft), aesthetic quality (design, composition, colour/tones), concept, technical skill, and complexity.

Any work in the printmaking, photography, digital work or drawing sections is eligible to win the Works on Paper prize. Photography and Digital work is not limited to being printed on paper, work may also be printed on canvas.
The Works on Paper Category will be judged on uniqueness/originality, professional quality (neatness and craft), aesthetic quality (design, composition, colour/tones), concept, selection and application of materials, and complexity/level of digital technology (if used). Each section in this category is described further below.

The work must have been made using any traditional printmaking techniques, including lithography, etching, collagraph, monotype, woodcut, photopolymer, etc. We also encourage artists to use non-toxic techniques.
Screen-printing, electro-etching and digital prints (prints made with a printer) are not accepted.

The judge will consider the photographic technique plus the aesthetic, artistic and unique quality of all images when making their selections. An entry must not be created from more than one original photographic or digital exposure. Entries taken with film cameras or digital cameras must not be adjusted beyond a level that would be applied in conventional optical printing techniques, more detail as follows:
• Acceptable adjustments are moderate changes to levels, curves, colour, saturation, contrast, shadow and   
   highlights. Dodging and burning is acceptable. Removal of minor dust spots is acceptable.
• Cropping of any degree is allowed.
• The integrity of the original subject must be maintained. The intention is to present the image as it was
• Stitched landscape panoramas are allowed.

Digital Artwork
Artwork must be created digitally using the resources of the medium – custom software, screensavers, 3D models, art websites, interactive literature, artist-made games, video art, etc. To enter the competition, the work must be able to hang on a wall using a conventional hanging system. If the artist displays a tablet or digital screen this must also be for sale and included in the price.

Work printed on canvas or paper under glass is allowed in this section with consideration for display in a home to be used as a criterion for judging.

The drawings must be on paper but presented to allow hanging on a wall using a conventional hanging system. Work must be done using materials traditionally associated with drawing: pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, etc. There is no restriction for usage of colours. Consideration for display in a home will be used as a criterion for judging.

The Sculpture Category is for 3D artwork, non-utilitarian, self-supporting decorative form, any media. Sculpture will be judged on uniqueness/originality, professional quality (neatness and craft), aesthetic quality (design, composition, colour/tones), concept, selection and application of materials, and complexity.

Specific Conditions of Entry are detailed below:
Entry Instructions
• Please complete an online Entry Form and provide an Artist’s Statement via email to
    artsfestival@immanuel.qld.edu.au outlining the concept behind the creation. It should be 50 words or less. This
     will be used to craft a small message about your garment to be spoken by the Master of Ceremonies during the
     parade. It will then be displayed with the garment during the Festival.
• Entries for the Wearable Art section must include a mannequin for display over the weekend of the Festival.
• A model in full hair and make-up must be provided by the entrant for the parade; the dress rehearsal is
    scheduled for 6.00pm prior to doors opening for the Opening Night on Thursday 19 May 2022.
• Every garment (and any accessories) must be clearly labeled with the artist’s and garment’s name.
• Please provide an entire outfit. Skirts or tops alone will not be accepted.
• Only entries from individual artists will be accepted.
• New or up-cycled materials will be accepted.
• Revealing garments will not be displayed or judged.
• The Immanuel Arts Festival Committee reserves the right to refuse any entry. Should a garment be deemed
    unsuitable for display, the entry fee will be refunded.
• All designers are responsible for ensuring they do not breach the copyright or intellectual property rights of
    another artist. Only original work is to be submitted.
• Photographs will be taken during the parade and may be used to promote the Immanuel Arts Festival. Artists
   will be acknowledged in all published photos.
Garment Requirements:
• Garments must be sufficiently robust to withstand at least one dress rehearsal and the parade during the
    Opening Night.
• Please ensure there are no sharp edges and avoid excessive weight.
• The garment needs to be well balanced on the body and any headpieces must allow good vision for the models.
• No stilts or other possibly dangerous equipment is to be used.
• Garments must be less than 1.5 meters wide at floor level.
Judging of entries will be based on:
• Aesthetic beauty, both when moving (on model) and stationary (on mannequin)
• The concept (expressed in the Artist’s Statement)
• Workmanship
• Innovative use of materials
• The overall design elements
• Originality

Any functional piece of woodwork may be entered. Entries must be made mainly from wood, however other materials may be incorporated. Items for this category may be turned, carved or joined, or made with a combination of techniques. Use of CNC routing and laser cutting is for minor embellishments only.

Entries will be judged on design, construction, functionality, innovation, detail and materials. If entering a set, each individual piece will be considered one entry, with no more than five (5) pieces allowed to be entered. For example, a set of salt and pepper shakers would be two pieces but a cheeseboard and knife would be one piece.
Any one piece must not exceed 30cm in height or width.

Any functional piece of ceramics may be entered. Entries must be made from clay; and any type of firing is allowed. Items for this category may be raku, glazed, carved or unglazed, or made with a combination of techniques.

Entries will be judged on design, construction, functionality, innovation and technique. If entering a set, each piece will be considered one entry, with no more than five (5) pieces allowed to be entered. For example, a tea set with teapot, two cups, milk jug and sugar bowl would complete the five allowable pieces.

Any one piece must not exceed 30cm in height or width.

The Festival welcomes high quality creative, artisan pieces for sale. These works may be in any media including, but not limited to, ceramics, metal, resin, wood, stone and glass. Artisan work must include an element of artistic/design input from the artist and excludes pure craft items.

Media such as macrame, mosaics, decoupage, knitting and weaving will generally not be accepted. No piece may be larger than 1.5m in any direction. A maximum of two pieces up to 1.5m in any direction will be allowed (not including scarves).

Listing of Artisan Entries
A maximum of 30 pieces from each entrant can be entered in the Artisan category. All items may not be displayed at once and the number of displayed artisan pieces will be confirmed once all entry forms are received. On the Entry Form, Artisan entrants are to indicate the media of their pieces, and the anticipated number offered. The Artisan Coordinator will contact each entrant to confirm display requirements and finalise a display entry list. A completed list of all items must be submitted by COB 29 April 2022.

The artist’s name and address, title of work, category (e.g. painting, works on paper) and selling price must be clearly marked on the back (hanging work) or bottom (standing work). An example entry label will be provided closer to the event date.

Diptych and Triptych must be clearly identified, with clear hanging instructions. Works submitted in the artisan category must be clearly labelled with the artist’s initials and the identification number corresponding to the entry form. No changes to entry details will be accepted after 10am on Friday 6 May 2022.

All 2D works must be suitable and ready for hanging, with a clean quality frame (with the exception of stretched canvas) and a wire or cord securely attached. Photographs must be on canvas or framed under glass. All work must be completely clean and dry when delivered.

All 3D works must be stable and suitable and ready for display. Works which are not ready for hanging or contain mould/mildew will not be accepted.

Works requiring special display (e.g. hanging of 3D works, multi-component sculptures) must be submitted ready for display with a detailed drawing or photograph to show how each component is to be placed. Artisans and sculptors are invited to bring their own display plinths/display boxes, specialist lighting etc.

Artists must confirm their intent to enter the Festival by submitting a completed Entry Form and paying the Entry Fee by COB Tuesday 19 April 2022. All works must be made available for sale.

Painting, Works on Paper, Sculpture, Wearable Art:
An entry fee of $15.00 for one piece, or $30.00 for two or three pieces per category in the above categories.

Functional Ceramic and Woodwork:
For Ceramic and Woodwork an entry fee of $15.00 for two pieces or $30.00 for up to five pieces shall apply.


An entry fee of $30.00 for up to 30 pieces shall apply.

Artists are limited to submitting three pieces in the Painting, Works on Paper, Sculpture or Wearable Art category. Diptych and triptychs will be regarded as two and three pieces, respectively. Sculptures containing multiple components may be regarded as more than one piece.

Artists may submit up to five pieces in the Functional Ceramic or Woodwork category. Each individual piece will be considered one entry (i.e. a set of salt and pepper shakers will be deemed as two pieces).
Artists may submit up 30 pieces in the Artisan category.

Artists may submit works in more than one category.

2D work must be no more than 2m wide or tall and must not be too heavy to be hung using conventional hanging systems. 3D Works must weigh less than 50kg and must not exceed 1.5m in any dimension.

Works must be suitable for safe indoor gallery display and must not be site specific. The Festival Committee retains the right to not display work.

Artists are liable for their works during transit to and from the A. J. Jericho Stadium. Works are insured by the College upon signed receipt, to a maximum value of $3,000 per piece. Works collected late or delivered early will not be covered by the Festival’s insurance.

All works valued at greater than $3,000 will be subject to a supplementary insurance payment. It is a condition of insurance that all artists register their work and expected value on the Entry Form. Especially fragile works or works requiring special handling must be indicated to the Festival Convenor.

Images of works submitted may be used for the purpose of advertising and marketing the current and future Festivals including print and visual media. Completion of the Entry Form is regarded as an agreement to this condition.

Immanuel Lutheran College will retain 30% of the indicated price for any works sold. Selling price must include GST if artist is registered for GST. Prize money and payment for items sold will be directly credited into the identified account by 30 June 2022.

The selection of works to be exhibited will be entirely at the discretion of the Gallery Consultant and Festival Committee. All entries may not be displayed. If practicable, artists will be advised if none of their entries are to be displayed. Artists will be refunded the entry fee for any work that is not displayed.

• Hanging Works. All items for hanging (photographic, painting, other 2D) are to be delivered to the A.J. Jericho
   Stadium on Sunday 15 May between 2.00pm and 5.00pm or Monday 16 May between 9.00am and 11.00am.
    Drop off times will be in 30-minute windows with artists required to select a timeframe to mitigate waiting
    times. An email will be sent prior to the Festival to nominate your preferred delivery date. No late deliveries will
    be accepted, unless previously arranged.
• Artisan, Sculpture and Wearable Art. All wearable art, artisan and sculpture items are to be delivered to the
    A. J. Jericho Stadium on Tuesday 17 May 2022, between 9.00am and 11.00am, unless previously arranged.
• Packaging. Unless previously arranged, on delivery of artwork, artists are to retain all packaging. Artists are to
    bring required packaging on collection of work. Sold items will be appropriately packaged for transport by
    Immanuel Arts Festival volunteers.
• Removal of Works. No works may be removed prior to the conclusion of the Festival. Note: No artist entry to the
    gallery will be allowed between 2.00pm and 3.00pm on Sunday 22 May. From 2.00pm, artists will be asked to
    take a number and will be called to come and collect their work by a hostess from 3.00pm. This will alleviate the
    need to queue and allow orderly entry into the hall.

• Collection of Works. Unsold works must be collected on Sunday 22 May between 3.00pm and 5.30pm. As the
    Stadium must be emptied on Monday 23 May, any work not collected will be at risk of being damaged as
    gallery staff will be moving in and out. The Festival Committee will not pay for damage to work that occurs after
    6.00pm on Sunday 22 May (unless prior arrangement has been made with the Festival Convenor for a later

All expenses related to the forwarding, packaging, repackaging and returning of works (with the exception of packaging sold works) that have not been collected by this time will be borne by the artist.