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Student Conditions of Entry

Entries are now invited for the Student Art Category in the 2020 Immanuel Arts Festival to be held from 21 to 24 May. The Festival is in its 40th year and promotes all visual, creative and performance art within the Sunshine Coast community. The Festival showcases the creative talent of Sunshine Coast students and provides them with an opportunity to display their work in a gallery setting. The 2019 Festival had over 2,000 visitors and significant media coverage.

Entry into the Student Art Category is open to all students on the Sunshine Coast, not just those from ILC. The format for the 2020 Festival will be as follows:
• An exhibition and sale of paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, photography, wearable art, film and creative arts
   will be held at the A. J. Jericho Stadium, Wises Road, Buderim.
• The Festival will open with a Gala Opening on Thursday 21 May – including announcement of awards. This is a
    licensed event, with parent attendance welcome, however children are not encouraged to attend the Gala
• The Exhibition will be open to the public from Friday 22 May to Sunday 24 May.
• The mezzanine level of the gallery will be dedicated to displaying student art.
• Students are welcome to submit work as ‘Not for Sale’; however, if a piece is available for sale it will incur a 10%
   commission to be paid to Immanuel Lutheran College.

1) Read the Student Conditions of Entry
2) Complete the online entry form

The completed Entry Form and paid Entry Fee (if applicable) are to be submitted by 20 April 2020.

If an ILC student, the Entry Form can be submitted by 27 April 2020.

No changes to your entry will be accepted after 5 May 2020.

Further information is available at www.immanuelartsfestival.com.au or by emailing [email protected] We look forward to your involvement in the 2020  Immanuel Arts Festival.

All works must be the student artist’s unaided work (please no parental tampering), completed within the last 12 months and must be the property of the artist.

All student artists must gain parent/guardian permission to enter the Festival. Student artists may submit up to three pieces in the Student Art Category. Works in any medium are accepted if they are non-perishable and not offensive. The selection of works to be exhibited will be entirely at the discretion of the Festival Committee. All entries may not be selected for display.

Fees and Commission. An entry fee of $10 for one piece, or $15 for two or three pieces in any Student Category shall be paid however, no entry fee shall apply to any ILC student. Immanuel Lutheran College will retain 10% of the indicated price for any works sold. Prize money and payment for items sold will be directly credited into the identified account by 30 June.

Compliance. Submission of an Entry Form is acknowledgement that information provided is correct, entry/entries are the ILC student artist’s own work and bona fide property, and the student artist agrees to abide by the conditions of entry of the Immanuel Arts Festival.

Award Categories. The following Student Art award categories and prizes apply:
• Student P-3 2D and 3D Works (Section is open to all Prep to Year 3 students across the Sunshine Coast)
   Best Work – $25 plus Various Encouragement Awards
• Student 4-6 2D and 3D Works (Section is open to all Years 4 to 6 students across the Sunshine Coast)
   Best Work – $50 plus Various Encouragement Awards
• Student 7-9 2D and 3D Works (Section is open to all Years 7 to 9 students across the Sunshine Coast)
   Best Work – $75 plus Various Encouragement Awards
• Student 10-12 2D and 3D Works (Section is open to all Years 10 to 12 students across the Sunshine Coast)
   Best Work – $100 plus Various Encouragement Awards
• Student Film (Section is open to all school students across the Sunshine Coast)
   Best Work – $100 plus 
• Various Encouragement Awards
• Student Jewellery Design – Theme: Rainforest (Open to ILC students only)
   Best Work – $200 gift voucher from To Hold & To Have Jewellers
• People’s Choice Award (Any entry in the Student Category) By Popular Vote – $100  

Student Encouragement Awards. The number and nature of the encouragement awards will be confirmed closer to the Festival. Previous encouragement awards included gift vouchers, theme park entry, movie tickets, books, stationery, art supplies and artistic/photographic tuition.

Images of works submitted may be used for the purpose of advertising and marketing for current and future Festivals, including print and visual media.

Liability. Artists are liable for their works during transit to and from the A. J. Jericho Stadium. Works will be secured, but not insured, on 16 and 17 May. If a student is concerned about the security of their entry, they should contact the Festival Convenor. It is a condition of insurance that all artists register their work and expected value on the Entry Form; especially fragile works or works requiring special handling must be indicated to the convenor.
• 2D Works must be at least A4 size and no more than 1.5m wide or tall when mounted.
• 3D Works must not exceed 50kg and must not exceed 1.5m in any dimension.
• Works must be suitable for safe indoor gallery display and must not be site specific.
• The Festival Committee retains the right to not display work.
• All 2D works must be securely mounted. Entries must be mounted on either black or white cardboard.
• Work under glass or on stretched canvas must have a wire or cord securely attached to allow the picture to be
    hung on a hook.
• All work must be completely clean and dry when delivered; including appropriate coverage of inkjet
   photographic prints to stop ink transfer.
• All 3D works must be stable and suitable for display.
• Work that is not mounted or not considered sturdy enough for display may not be exhibited.

Identification/Labelling. The student artist’s name, home group (ILC students) or grade (all other schools), title of work and selling price must be clearly marked on the back (hanging work) or bottom (standing work). Work which the student does not wish to sell must be clearly labelled ‘Not for Sale’.

Delivery and Collection of Entries ILC Students.
• Boxes will be provided to Primary School classrooms for the collection of artwork; these will be delivered to the
   stadium on Friday, 15 May. If you are concerned about damage to the artwork please deliver it direct to the
• All works are to be delivered to the A. J. Jericho Stadium on Friday 15 May between 1.00pm and 4.00pm.
   No late deliveries will be accepted.
• No works may be removed prior to the conclusion of the Festival.
• Films must be delivered to the ILC Main Administration Office by 3.30pm on Friday 1 May.
• Unsold works can be collected on Sunday, 24 May between 3.00pm and 5.00pm.
   Students may also collect their work on Monday 25 May between 8.00am and 8.30am.
• Any uncollected Primary School students work will be placed in their class box and returned to their classroom
   on Monday 25 May.
• Any uncollected Secondary School students work will be returned to the art classroom on Monday 25 May.
   Whilst all care will be taken to ensure no damage occurs to the students work; the Festival Committee will not
   pay for damage to work that occurs during transport after 8.30am on Monday 25 May.

Delivery and Collection of Entries non-Immanuel Students.
• All works are to be delivered to the A. J. Jericho Stadium on Friday 15 May, between 2.00pm and 4.00pm or on
  Sunday 18 May between 3.00pm and 5.00pm.
• No late deliveries will be accepted.
• No works may be removed prior to the conclusion of the Festival.
• Films must be delivered to the ILC Main Administration Office by 3.30pm Friday 1 May with an attached
   completed Entry Form.
• Unsold works must be collected on Sunday 24 May between 3.00pm and 5.00pm. As the stadium must be
   cleared on Monday 25 May any work not collected will be at risk of being damaged as workmen will be moving
   in and out.
• The Festival Committee will not pay for damage to work that occurs after 6.00pm on Sunday 24 May (unless
   prior arrangement has been made with the Festival Convenor for a later collection).
• All expenses related to the forwarding, packaging, repackaging and returning of works (with the exception of
   packaging sold works) that have not been collected by this time will be borne by the artist.

Student Film. The winner will be the Best Short Film as per the judging criteria, regardless of age. Films should be from 1-8 minutes long and must be submitted to the ILC Main Adminstration Office by Friday, 1 May on DVD or using a file on memory stick/hard drive. Films must be classified with an appropriate viewer rating (i.e. G, PG, M15+). The judge will assess each film against the criteria below:
• Cinematography – Picture composition, shot style, use of light or surroundings
• Technical – Camera use, sound quality, use of music/FX, editing, props and costume
• Story – Engaging, comprehensible, suitability to age category and use of characters